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About Us


Kriti Digitech (a part of KRITI Group) is the leading ERP S/W Development Company. It is dedicatedly providing ERP solution to Educational Sector, Hospital Management, Real Estate Management, HR Management, Financial Resource Management, Hotel management, Visitor Management system, Manufacturing & Resource planning for SMEs, E- Governance and various other organizations for their complete automation. We believe in principle that Kriti Digitech will grow faster if we deliver IT-Solution to customers which will help them managing their activities efficiently and more effectively.

Our business model focuses on having long term relation with our clients by providing a well-integrated product of best quality, cost effective, on time delivery & service of all IT-Solutions. We work for our client’s project one on one basis and spend more time to understand customer’s current and future organizational needs in order to provide them the quality and effective service now and in future.

Development work is done by our well experienced S/w Development Team located in our Lucknow and Delhi offices, who are proficient in developing ERP Solutions for Educational sector (schools & colleges of different educational Boards as UP Board, CBSE Board, ICSE Board), HR, Health, Hospital, Real-Estate Management & various Govt. organisation due to their deep insight and keen grasp of functioning of various management and organizational systems. This enables us to provide the organization not only functional solutions but also consulting in optimal utilization of resources for best results in the given budget.

Our main goal is not only to deliver premium quality software and products but also to provide exceptional after sale service in order to resolve any query or limitation if it comes while giving unmatched value to enterprises at affordable prices. Our transparent, efficient and flexible world class software development process zero downs risks of project failures and creates powerful software solutions that meet present as well as future demands.